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4 February 2011

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DSL Reports, good DSL information plus capability to determine ADSL-capability status of your local loop
ADSL Forum
Analog Devices
WPI's ADSL page
Data Communucations Magazine's articles on xDSL deployment, testing, and service rates
Paradyne's DSL tutorial (really good)
Dan Kegel's ADSL Page (good but old...)

ATM/cell relay

ATM Forum Web site | FTP server
Papers on voice over ATM, AAL2, and more... (GDC)
ATM Interoperability Lab (IOL), U. NH
Cell Relay List Archives
ATM At Work, ATM trials in various industries
David Blight's Telecommunications Reference Page; great ATM material, pointers to vendors, specifications, tutorials, ...
Herwig's ATM Page (lots of pointers...)
ATM address format papers...
ATM and DSL ChipWeb Home (T.M. Knoll)
ATM products
AT&T Research
Cambridge University ATM Document Collection
Fore Systems ATM ftp archive
Newbridge VIVID ATM Web page
North Carolina State U. ftp archive (ATM/QoS/Multimedia papers)
Purdue U. ATM info
Telecom Finland ATM ftp archive (ITU-T, ANSI, other ATM specs.)
J.S. Turner "Gigabit ATM Networking Technology" Paper, Wash. Univ.
Raj Jain's ATM info
Keshav's ATM papers at AT&T
ANSI draft T1S1.5/96-186 (aka AAL-CU, the new AAL2)
White paper about IBM's implementation of the P-NNI
Native ATM tutorial
Random Early Discard (RED) paper from Floyd & Jacobson (LBL)
Arequipa (Application Requested Quality of Service over ATM)
ABR service overview
Cisco Frame Relay to ATM Tutorial (includes Management, OAM Cells and OAM Cell Support) Metrodata's Product Application Notes VOICE/VIDEO/MULTIMEDIA: Multimedia over ATM information from GDC | Voice Telephony over ATM (VTOA) | Video on demand (VOD) | Articles about MPEG over ATM | "Designing New Network Adaptation and ATM Adaptation Layers for Interactive Multimedia Applications" | Voice over ATM | ATM support for multimedia
SIGNALLING: AAL2 signaling | GN's Tutorial | Roxen's ATM Signaling web page | Trillium's site | Nortel's paper
PERFORMANCE: Network performance (ATM) | ATM Performance Measurement: Throughput, Bottlenecks and Technology Barriers | LLNL ATM Performance Data, Cell Pacing
SECURITY: ATM security (Australia) | ATM security links (Austria)
MPOA: MPOA.com | Tech Guide
WIRELESS/RADIO/SATELLITE ATM: Raj Jain (Ohio State) | Olivetti | ATM over Satellite Page | NASA | Space Bridge
IP OVER ATM: IP over ATM information (FTP site) | More IP over ATM info... | TCP and ATM, ATM Forum (Sun) | TCP/IP performance over ATM
ATM WAN SWITCHES: LAN Times | Dataquest | IDC | Vertical Systems | SNCI's switch information | Data Communications Magazine ATM Switch Stress Test
SIMULATORS AND SOFTWARE: Ptolemy (UC Berkeley), TCP simulator, including performance over ATM | Java applet implementation of UNI 3.1 signalling | Linux-ATM Project (IP-ATM, ATM signalling stack, and LANE) | TCP/IP and ATM simulation software | VINCE (Harvard) | NIST link simulator | YATS


General FTP server...
Web server...
On-line publication catalog (telnet)

Cable Television

Cable Modems: Cable Modem Help | Cable Datacom News, includes product, vendor, standards info (DOCSIS)
National Cable Television Association (NCTA)
Catv.Org: cable telephony, cable modems, and data services
Cable Labs (USA)
"Cable TV Resources on the Net"
"Inside Cable" Magazine (UK)
IEEE 802.14 (LANs over CATV)
Cox Cable

Computer hardware/software vendors

BEST PRICES: Price Watch | NewEgg | Buy.com | BuySoftware.com | computershopper.com | Frys | The Mac Zone | PC Connection
MEMORY: The Chip Merchant
iFixit: Mac, iPod, and iPhone Repair
SourceForce: Find and develop open source software

Computers and computing

Copyleft.net: Geek chic! ThinkGeek: stuff for smart masses WaveTech cyberstopre for certification information Quick Reference Cards (Web and marksup, Ada, C, C++, Perl, Linux, UML) J&N Computer Services benchmarking
Computer Magazine Archive, ZDNet's database of 200,000 computer-related articles
The Rapidly Changing Face of Computing Technology Journal
Information Systems Meta-List with basic information about many networking and computer topics
"Secure Deletion of Data from Magnetic and Solid-State Memory" (Gutmann)
HISTORY: "Community Memory" archive site for discussions about the history of Cyberspace, computers, networks, ... | Birthday celebration for HAL, from 2001: A Space Odyssey | The Computer Museum (Boston) | Virtual Museum of Computing | Johnniac | Computer History Images | PBS' Nerds... | American Computer Museum (Bozeman, Montana) | The Computer History Simulation Project , software simulations for old command line operating systems | "Extra Terrestrial Relays" (Arthur C. Clarke's 1945 article describing geosynchronous satellites) | Obsolete Computer Museum
LEGACY SYSTEMS: Apple II | Atari 8-bit | Commodore
Pentium III information from Junkbusters Corp.
REFERENCE MATERIAL: BABEL: A Glossary of Computer Oriented Abbreviations and Acronyms | Dictionary of PC Hardware and Data Communications Terms | Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing (FOLDOC) | List of Free Computer-Related Publications | "Concepts of Programming Languages" course info & *many* pointers
SUPPORT: SupportHelp.com, pointers to home pages and contact information for many companies | Tuneup.com, access to drivers, DLLs, anti-virus software, and more!
MathWorks (Pentium problem...)
National Software Exchange for High Perf. Computing & Communications
Object oriented programming
"PowerPC News"
Software Engineering Institute, CMU
TECHNICAL INFORMATION: CNET | Developer.com | O'Reilly and Associates | Whatis.com | ZDNET | CNET
The (software) Easter Egg Archive
BIOS: BIOS Central; wealth of information including "BIOS Basics" | BIOS Passwords | Bypassing BIOS Passwords
OPEN SOURCE: Open Source Initiative | O'Reilly Open Source Center
SOFTWARE DOWNLOADS: Download.com (CNET) | PalmPilot Gear HQ | Software Library (ZDNET) | AvantGo, mobile sofware for PalmOS and Windows CE
WINSOCK: The Consummate Winsock Apps List | Stroud's CWSAPPS (Consummate Winsock Apps) List | TUCOWS: The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software, a software repository for Windows 3.x, Windows95, and Macintosh software | Winsock 2 specification information: (Stardust | Intel)
WINDOWS: ActiveWin.com - The Most Activated Windows Resource | Unix-like utilities for Windows NT | Virtually Un*x, Unix tools for Windows 95 | TUCOWS
WINDOWS NT ADMIN UTILITIES: SysInternals (RegMon, FileMon, SDelete, Undelete, NTLockSmith, and NTRecover) | SomarSoft (DumpACL, DumpReg) | AT&T's Virtual Network Computing (Remote control utility) | SystemTools (Exporter exports info about users and groups; Machines tracks account activity) | Tools4NT's FREEping | Emergency Undelete | NetKeep (tracks Web servers on your network) | WUGNET | BHS | Smartline | AppFinder | Microsoft
MAC: Well Connected Mac: Software, online journals, product reviews, full hypertext versions of several Macintosh FAQ lists and more... | A wealth of Mac-related information (FTP)
OS/2: David Singer's OS/2 page | OS/2 archive (MIT)
COMPRESSION: Compression FAQs from USENET | Zlib ("A Massively Spiffy Yet Delicately Unobtrusive Compression Library")
CLIPART SOURCES: FlamingText ClipArt | Microsoft Office Clip Art and Media | myClipart.com | 121 Clipart (pointers to other sites)
AVIcodec (detect/download codec needed to play a given video)

Digital Equipment Corporation

White papers on a variety of topics (e.g., GigaSwitch)
"Digital Technical J." (ftp)
WWW (tons of general info)

Frame relay

Frame Relay Forum archive & I.A.s
Frame Relay resources info (Motorola) <-- great starting point
The Frame Relay Resource Center
Act Systems (includes voice over FR info...)
ISC frame relay products
UniSPAN consortium of FR carriers
More FR pointers (Planet)
Cisco Frame Relay to ATM Tutorial (includes Management, OAM Cells and OAM Cell Support)
RadCom voice over frame relay

Gigabit network testbeds

ATM/gigabit networks (U. Mich.)
ATM Testbeds (Cell Relay Retreat), includes pointers to Aurora, BAGNet, BLANCA, CANARIE, EXPLOIT, iPOINT, MAGIC, MCNC, and MONET
CANARIE ATM testbed network (Canada)
Gigabit testbed initiative (CNRI)
MAGIC testbed
Network for Engineering & Research in Oregon (NERO)
North Carolina Information Highway
SURFnet4 Project and European ATM testbeds


CompuServe GIF Developer Agreement
ANIMATED GIF COLLECTIONS (very cool sites...): GIFWorld database | Yahoo! List of Animated GIF Collections | Animation Factory | Denton's Dimensions
Unisys & GIF info
ANIMATED GIF SOFTWARE: GifBuilder (Win/Mac) | Gif·gIf·giF (Win/Mac) | Gif Constriction Set (Win) | AniMagic (Win)
MPEG Pointers and Resources
Simulation Tools interactive graphics, real-time models, tutorials and presentations


ISDN, 4th. ed. by Gary Kessler and Peter Southwick (McGraw-Hill)
URLs from ISDN: Dan Kegel's ISDN Page, possibly the best starting point for service, product, and other ISDN information | North American ISDN Users' Forum (NIUF) | North American ISDN Users' Forum (NIUF) catalog, IOCs, etc. | Bellcore's National ISDN page and NIUF catalog | Bellcore's ftp site, containing NIUF information, ISDN service contacts at the Bellcore client companies, deployment information, National ISDN information, and more | National ISDN Council (Bellcore) | National ISDN Registry of Customer Equipment (Bellcore) | Microsoft ISDN information | Dave Hawley's isoEthernet (IEEE 802.9a) Page | Bandwidth On Demand INteroperability Group (BONDING) | MIT's ISDN Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) lists | Texas ISDN Users Group | California ISDN Users Group | Sven De Kerpel's ISDN Informationbase | Hotlinks to ISDN equipment vendors

Charlie Massel's Home Page (Canada ISDN)
ISDN Systems Corp.
Motorola ISDN Systems Group
Open Communication Networks' ISDN InfoCentre
MicroLegend's SS7 Tutorial, an excellent tutorial
Ascend SS7 information
SSCOP: "Design Principles and Performance Analysis of SSCOP: A New ATM Adaptation Layer Protocol" by T.R. Henderson in CCR, 4/95 | Trillium paper
SS8 Networks SS7.com site (including good tutorial section)


Everything Unix...
The Linux Kernel Archives
freshmeat.net; all sorts of neat, topical Linux software
RPM (Red Hat Package Manager) software
Red Hat Linux distribution...
cygwin -- ports of the popular GNU development tools and utilities for Windows 95, 98, and NT
The LiveCD List
Free Software Foundation

Local Area Networks (LANs)

U. NH Interoperability Lan (IOL): ATM, FDDI, IEEE 802.11, Fast Ethernet, Fibre Channel, IP/Routing, Network Management, Token Ring, VG-AnyLAN
GENERAL: LAN Drivers | LAN Technology Scorecard
ETHERNET, FAST ETHERNET, GIGABIT ETHERNET, AND VARIANTS: Ethernet Home Page | Gigabit Ethernet Alliance | IEEE 802.3z Gigabit Ethernet Page | IEEE Higher Speed Study Group (10-Gbps Ethernet) | Dave Hawley's isoEthernet (IEEE 802.9a) Page | IsoEthernet (802.9a) Home Page | ISO/IEC drafts for Cat 6 and Cat 7 cable | Siemon Co. papers on 155-Mbps ATM over Cat 5
IEEE 802: IEEE 802.11 ftp archive (U. of Twente) | LANs over CATV (IEEE 802.14)
OTHER LAN-RELATED: FCSI ftp (Sun) | LBL's FDDI document repository | HSSI Specification (Cisco) | LAN Acquisitions -- "who bought who?"

Multimedia and virtual reality

International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium, includes draft ITU-T H.320/330
H.323 and Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) information
H.323 primer
MPEG Home Page
X3L3 archive (MPEG, JPEG, ...)
MPEG archive with tutorials, FAQ, pointers, etc. Good starting point.
MPEG Pointers and Resources (mpeg.org)
Boston U. Multimedia Communications Laboratory
CUNY Multimedia Development Initiative
Georgia Tech. Graphics Visualization & Usability Center
MIT's Media Lab (Steve Mann)
Telecom Finland Media Lab
NYU's Center for Digital Multimedia
Purdue VR page...

National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST)

GOSIP V2 & V1, and other documents
Computer Security Resource & Response Center (CSRC)

Network Management

SNMPinfo, lots of SNMP, SMI, and MIB information
Network management
Network management (U. of Twente)
SNMP MIB status
Network Management Forum (NMF)
Data Communications' Network and Systems Management directory

Networking hardware/software/switch vendors

DATA COMMUNICATIONS' 1999 Global Enterprise Networking Directory, includes such topics as IP Tools, WAN Gear, U.S. and International Network Services, Internetworking, LANs, Network Software, Network and Systems Management, Security, Diagnostic and Test Equipment, Premises Wiring, Network Training, Global Distributor's Directory, and a Vendor Index.
ADC Kentrox
Bay Networks
Cellware Broadband Technologies
Cisco Systems Web page
Fore Systems
General Datacomm
IBM Networking Web server
Livingston Communications
Motorola ISDN Systems Group
Network Systems Corp. (Fibre channel, HIPPI, 802.6 ftp server)
Newbridge Networks
NorTel (Northern Telecom)
U.S. Robotics
Wandel & Goltermann

Networking publications

BYTE Magazine
LAN Magazine
Network World
Network World Fusion Web
PC Magazine

Networking topics...

Reference Guide for Data Communications and Networks
BitPipe, the latest on technology research
Cisco "Internetwork Design Guide"
OSI: The OSI Model (Novell) | The OSI Model (Webopedia)
"NetBios, NetBEUI, NBF, SMB, CIFS Networking" (T. Evans) PROTOCOLS: Radcom Academy, an excellent source of information about AppleTalk, TCP/IP, ATM, Xerox, and other protocols... | Protocol Directory, includes frame decodes and technical papers (Radcom) | Network Analysis Institute References | The CRC Pitstop | C.M. Heard's CRC FTP site | CRC Tool
GENERAL TECHNOLOGY SITES: Series of technical guides about a variety of topics | Information Systems Meta-List with basic information about many networking and computer topics | Data Communications Mag's network technologies pages | HP's Network performance page | Silicon Graphics (SGI) technology overview | U. NH Interoperability Lan (IOL): ATM, FDDI, IEEE 802.11, Fast Ethernet, Fibre Channel, IP/Routing, Network Management, Token Ring, VG-AnyLAN
HISTORY: RAND Corp. Classics includes over 20 classic papers from 1952-1970, including Albert Wohlstetter's writings (1950s-1960s), eleven of Paul Baran et al.'s twelve-volume "On Distributed Communications" (1968), RAND's "A Million Random Digits with 100,000 Normal Deviates" (1955), and "Toward an Ethics and Etiquette for Electronic Mail" (1985), by Norman Z. Shapiro and Robert H. Anderson. | The Global Networking: a Timeline
MODEMS AND HIGH-SPEED CARRIERS: ModemHelp.org | www.modems.com | 56K.COM, overview of 56 kbps modems (ok, it's not 56 kbps nor a modem....) technology | High Bandwidth Page: high-bandwidth ISP access, cable modems, ISDN, ADSL | The Telecom Corner, with info on digital carriers (T1, E1, etc.) and digital voice, history, Novell, muxing, and more...
CABLING: Cabling FAQ (LAN/WAN/ISDN cabling pinouts and standards) | Data Communications Cabling FAQ | Structured Cabling System Starter Guide | Network Cabling Resources | Teldor Wires & Cables links to LAN-related sites, FAQs, discussion lists and "Copper Cabling Systems for High Data Rates" (.ppt) | Cables and pinouts... | International Cable Federation
INTERNETWORKING: Technology Overview, Terms and Acronyms, Design Guide, Troubleshooting, Case Studies
TOKEN RING: High-Speed Token Ring Alliance | IEEE 802.5 Web Site
CLAUDE SHANNON & INFORMATION THEORY: Lucent | Kerry Redshaw's site with links to other information and people | U. Pitt site

Optical fiber: Technology & Network Specifications

GENERAL INFORMATION: The Basics of Fiber Optic Cable | Fiber Optics Tutorial | Corning Optical Fiber Information Center
INDUSTRY ASSOCIATIONS & INITIATIVES: Optical Internetworking Forum (including IP over fiber) | National LamdaRail
PACKETS OVER SONET (POS): RFC 2823: PPP over Simple Data Link (SDL) using SONET/SDH with ATM-like framing | "Packet-over-SONET/SDH" (Cisco)
DWDM: IEC DWDM tutorial | "Dense Wavelength-division Multiplexing" | Communications Industry Researchers (CIR) | IP over DWDM" (Jain & Dharanikota)
FIBRE CHANNEL: Fibre Channel Industry Association | Fibre Channel overview
SPECIAL: Fiber Link Around the Globe (FLAG) project article from Wired, 12/96 | FLAG Telecom

Professional societies and industry organizations

The Bootstrap Institute (Doug Englebarth)
ACM WWW site
ACM Special Interest Group for Data Comm., Computer Comm. Review
IEEE Computer Society
International Communications Association

Routers and Routing

"How Routers Work" (from "How Stuff Works">
CISCO: Cisco Systems | RouterGod: The Online Magazine For Cisco Professionals
Juniper Networks
Linux Router Project
BGP: The BGP Page | Paul Ferguson's BGP tutorial | Avi Freedman's "BGP Routing" paper | Sprint's BGP policies | BGP Maintenance for the ISP (Lucent)
ROUTING PROTOCOL RFCS: BGP-4 (RFC 1771) | OSPF version 2 (RFC 2328) | OSPF for IPv6 (RFC 2740) | RIP (RFC 1058) | RIP version 2 (RFC 2453)


NCIH info on SMDS and SMDS security
DQDB (ftp)
DQDB list ftp archive
DQDBsim: DQDB Simulator
SMDS specifications (ftp)
SMDS Subscription MIB (ftp)
SMDS Interest Group information (CERFnet), including technical specs and case studies

Standards (and related) organizations

Excellent set of standards pointers
ADSL Forum
Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS), secretariat for ANSI T1-committee (formerly Exchange Carriers Standards Association [ECSA])
ANSI | ANSI T1 FTP site and Web site
APPN Implementors Workshop (AIW)
ATM Forum
Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (really wow-com, The World of Wireless)
Desktop Management Task Force (DMTF)
Electronic Industries Alliance (nee Association) (EIA)
Eurpopean Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)
Frame Relay Forum
Gigabit Ethernet Alliance (GEA)
HIPPI Networking Forum (Esscom | Nets)
High-Speed Token Ring Alliance
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) | Standards office | Public OUI assignments
International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)
International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
International Telecommunication Union (ITU) | (Alternate source of ITU-T specs... (Germany))
Internet Assigned Number Authority (IANA)
Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
Internet Society (ISOC)
Moving Picture Experts Group -- MPEG (ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29 WG11)
Network Management Forum (NMF)
North American ISDN Users' Forum (NIUF)
Object Management Group (OMG)
The Open Group
Optical Internetworking Forum
Society of Automotive Engineers
Society of Motion Pictures & Television Engineers (SMPTE)
SONET Interoperability Forum
Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA)
Telcordia (formerly Bellcore)
United States Telephone Association (USTA)
Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Forum
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

Technology and society

Rand Corp.: "Universal Access to E-Mail: Feasibility & Social Implications"
Technical, economic, public policy, and social aspects of telecom from U. Mich., GII, internet telephony, and electronic commerce

Telecommunications (General Information)

Lili Goleniewski's Telecom WebCentral
Telecom Information Resources on the Internet
Columbia Ctr. for Telecom Research, covers broad range about mass media, telecom, and communication in cyber space, including the Virtual Institute of Information
David Blight's Telecommunications Reference Page
Lawrence Livermore National Lab (GREAT STARTING POINT)
Univ. of Michigan Telecom Page (EXCELLENT)
Canada Information Superhighway
Canadian telecom market
Tariff info: Internet Tariff Library | TELCO Exchange -- digital pricing, ISP searching
TELECOM TERMINOLOGY AND ACRONYMS: BICSI's dictionary | from Wcom.com | The New Hacker's Dictionary (formerly The Jargon File) | TELCO Dictionary
Telephone Exchange Name Project, listing telephone exchange names (for those of us who remember when telephone exchanges had names! I personally grew up at GEneva 0-1258...)
Network Analysis Center (NAC) tool to learn about local services

Telecommunications Carriers

Bell System Memorial
Secrets of the Little Blue Box
LONG DISTANCE INFO: Discount Long Distance Digest | Long distance pricing | U.S. long distance pricing...
Vermont telecommunications services (from Dept. of Economic Development)
AirTouch PCS
AT&T (AT&T Research)
Bell Canada
British Broadcasting Company (BBC)
British Telecom Scotland (UK)
Cellular One
Finland Telecom
France Telecom
Frontier Communications (Maps)
Helsinki Telephone Company (Finland)
KDD Laboratories (Japan)
MCI Worldcom
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (Japan)
Quest (including U S WEST)
SBC (formerly Southwestern Bell) (which would include Ameritech, Pacific Bell, Southern New England Telephone (SNET), and Southwestern Bell Telephone (SWBT))
Stentor (Canada)
Tampere Telephone Company (Finland)
Telstra (Australia)
Verizon (Let's see, this would be Bell Atlantic + NYNEX + GTE...)

Telecommunications Regulation and Policy

POLICY: Alliance for Public Technology | Brookings Institution | Business Software Alliance | Cato Institute | Center for Democracy and Technology | The Center for Media Education | Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR) | Consumer Project on Technology (Ralph Nader) | Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) | Electronic Policy Network (EPN), research and advocacy organizations and publications providing online analysis of economics, politics, social trends, and public policy | Electronic Privacy Information Center | Heritage Foundation | Progress and Freedom Foundation | Voice on the Network (VON) Coalition
REGULATORY (U.S.): Federal Communications Commission | State public utility commissions) | North American Numbering Plan Administration | Common Carrier Bureau of the FCC | "Federal Communications Law J." | Telecommunications bills.... | National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) (NTIA Institute for Telecommunication Sciences) | McCauley's telecom regulatory trends and policy page
REGULATORY AGENCIES WORLDWIDE: ITU Regulatory Colloqium | Argentina (Comision Nacional de Comunicaciones) | Australia (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission | Agencia Nacional de Telecomunicacoes | Ministerio das Comunicacoes) | Canada (CRTC: Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission, Conseil de la radiodiffusion et des telecommunications canadiennes | Industry Canada - Telecommunications/Spectrum Management) | Columbia (Comision de Regulacion de Telecomunicaciones | Ministerio de Comunicaciones) | Finland (Ministry of Transport and Communications | Telehallintokeskus) | France (Ministere de l'economie, des finances et de l'industrie) | Guatemala (Superintendencia de Telecomunicaciones) | Honduras (Conatel) | Hong Kong (OFTA) | Japan (Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications) | Mexico (Comision Federal de Telecomunicaciones | Comision Reguladora de Energia | Secretaria de Comunicaciones y Transportes) | Panama (Ente Regulador de los Servicios Publicos) | Peru (Ministerio de Transportes y Comunicaciones | OSIPTEL - Organismo Supervisor de Inversion Privada en Telecomunicaciones) | Sweden (Post- och telestyrelsen) | United Kingdom (U.K.) (OFTEL) | Uruguay (DNC | Venezuela (CONATEL)


Boingo Wireless Internet Service
Useful wireless links from the Rochlis Group
Toaster.net Local multipoint distribution service (LMDS)
Primer on wireless WANs (Peter Rysavy)
Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD) presentation
Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM): Univ. of Waterloo | Intel
Personal Communications Service (PCS) info (Intel)
wow-com, The World of Wireless
Bluetooth resource center
INDUSTRY CONSORTIA AND ORGANIZATIONS: Wireless Ethernet: IEEE 802.11b | HomeRF | Wireless Data Forum | The Bluetooth SIG Web Site | Another Bluetooth Web site | IEEE 802.11 Working Group (Wireless LANs) | The International Wearable Computing WWW Site | The Infrared Data Association (IrDA) Homepage | Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Forum Home Page | The Cellular IP Project at Columbia University: Cellular Wireless Internet Access | Portable Computing and Communications Association (PCAA)

Year 2000 (Y2K) issues

U.S. GOVERNMENT/MILITARY: U.S. GSA Year 2000 information | NIST's Y2K page | Federal Reserve Board's PC testing page | U.S. Army's Y2K Site
Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) Year 2000 Home Page | Small Business Administration (SBA)
VENDORS' SITES: Microsoft's Year 200o Resource Center | Mac information | RighTime software
INDUSTRY MEDIA SITES: Computerworld Y2K Resource Center | Datamation Year 2000 Manager's Workbench | Windows Magazine patch for Windows | PC Magazine Year 2000 Resource Center | CNET Y2K.com
Y2K NEWS: y2k-today | Y2K News Magazine
TEST SOFTWARE/SITES: PC Year 2000 Alliance | NSTL's Y2000 test software | Viasoft's OnMark 2000 BIOS Test & Fix software | Symantec's BIOS Test and Fix | McAfee's 2000 ToolBox Online
LEGAL ISSUES: The Y2K Law Site | Year 2000 Liability | 2000 Legal.com
The Cassandra Project for individual preparedness
MORE COMMERCIAL SITES: Yourdon's Y2K book | Gary North's Y2K Link and Forum | Peter de Jager's Year 2000 Millenium Site | Yr2000.Net | Everything 2000 | Westergaard Online Systems

I try to keep the links up-to-date but things change so quickly that I know that many are not. Please send updates, corrections, additions, deletions, and other comments to Gary Kessler. Thanks!

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