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Maritime Cybersecurity

The Maritime Transportation System (MTS) is composed of a system of systems, comprising port operations, cargo and passenger shipping lines, manufacturing, vessel traffic control, and the vessels themselves. The maritime industry — representing a mode of transportation as old as recorded human history — has one foot in ancient tradition and the other foot in the use of the most modern technologies, including autonomous vessels and the integration of operational technology with maritime information systems. The MTS is used by all sectors of boaters, sailors, and mariners and includes merchant mariners, commercial fishing fleets, military and public safety, and recreational boaters, as well as an integrated network of aids-to-navigation, communication, situational awareness, and tracking.

The MTS is incredibly complex and that is the root of some of the issues that the industry has with managing cybersecurity. More importantly, the industry has yet to fully acknowledge and own cybersecurity as a safety issue, and most organizations do not yet recognize their role in managing cyber issues.

As a subject of interest, maritime cybersecurity combines Gary's 40-plus year involvement in information security with his lifelong love of the sea. Gary has been teaching cybersecurity at the college/university level for more than 20 years (including a sabbatical at the USCG Academy), has been a certified SCUBA diver since his teens (and also an instructor), and holds a 50 GT near coastal master merchant mariner certificate (MMC). He is on the board of strategic advisers of the Maritime & Port Security Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (MPS-ISAO), active with National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) standardization, and engaged in cybersecurity activities at the national level of the USCG Auxiliary.

GKA is actively engaged in teaching, consulting, and making presentations about maritime cybersecurity at a number of venues; he offers everything from short maritime cyber awareness presentations to multi-day seminars. He is also actively engaged in research related to the Automatic Identification System (AIS); additional information can be found on his "AIS Research Using A Raspberry Pi" page and AIS Tools section on his software page.

Here are some of Gary's maritime cybersecurity papers and articles:

»   Kessler, G.C., & Shepard, S.D. (2022). Maritime Cybersecurity: A Guide for Leaders and Managers, 2nd. ed.
»   Loomis, W., Singh, V.V., Kessler, G.C., & Bellekens, X. (2021, October). RAISING THE COLORS: Signaling for Cooperation on Maritime Cybersecurity. Cyber Statecraft Initiative, Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security, Atlantic Council.
»   Zorri, D.M., & Kessler, G.C. (2021, September 8). Cyber Threats and Choke Points: How Adversaries are Leveraging Maritime Cyber Vulnerabilities for Advantage in Irregular Warfare. Modern War Institute at West Point.
»   Kessler, G.C. (2021, September). The CAN Bus in the Maritime Environment - Technical Overview and Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities. TransNav, The International Journal on Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation.
»   Hack The Sea 3.0 Village/DEF CON 29 (2021)
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